Anthon Sahlin

High energy & hard-hitting kicks are what keeps HVRIZON going. Every second is a party!In 2017, Anthon Sahlin found his passion for mixing hard dance music which has led him to move further into the scene. Ever since he picked up the controller, he has been experimenting with different variations of styles.Since early 2018, he's been playing weekly at nightclubs and live streams. This made it clear that it was his thing to do, spread his energy through music. After receiving bookings at house and local parties, playing in front of crowds show his drive.Mid-2021 he had his first official booking for OWL Festival, sharing mainstage together with artists like Wasted Penguinz, Dr. Peacock, Unresolved and Radera.HVRIZON has not only had the opportunity to play at the warmup event for Monday bar, but also on the Monday Bar cruise! After an immense amount of positive feedback, it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning of his journey!Expect the unexpected.



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HVRIZON 2022 Monday Bar